I am a classical liberal economist. My major area of interest is economic development. For the last few years, I have been studying public choice theory and constitutional economics. My views most closely match those of my two greatest economist heroes: Friedrich Hayek and James Buchanan.

Brief Bio

My formal training in economics was at the University of California at Berkeley where I did my doctoral work. I was motivated to study economics to understand why some nations are poor and what the way out of poverty was. I now understand why India is poor.

As an undergraduate, I studied mechanical engineering in my hometown, Nagpur, India. My post graduate degrees are in computer sciences, which I received from IIT-Kanpur, and Rutgers University.

I worked for several years in product marketing (Computer Systems Division) at Hewlett Packard in Cupertino. Then I took time off for a few years to travel, to think and to learn. After that I went back to school to learn economics at UC Berkeley.

While at Berkeley, I was a Reuters Fellow at Stanford University. I developed a model for catalysing rural economic development — RISC. I moved to India is 2003 to work with Rajesh Jain in Mumbai to implement RISC but that did not get off the ground. I got back to California in 2010.